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Battlefield 3 review Hacks and Cheats

Battlefield 3 Hacks and cheats

Battlefield 3 Hacks and cheats

I offer a first review (advice and test not final) Battlefield 3 (BF3) DICE and Electronic Arts PC. Indeed, during the Gamescom 2011, we had the opportunity to test a playable version of Battlefield 3. It was an alpha version (ie still below the beta). It was forbidden to film or make screenshots unfortunately. In fact many people were there to watch and also intervene in case of problems in our part of Battlefield 3.

We were able to participate in a map in which 64 players were able to simultaneously kill. It was possible to use various weapons and accessories as well as various vehicles. For my part, I had the opportunity to fly the helicopter.

The grip is identical to its predecessors (or many other FPS). At the default key, you get the usual configuration (even after more than four and a half years without playing a FPS on PC, I’m on réhabitué).

The gameplay side, it was really excellent and we really enjoyed ourselves. In fact, the player is immersed directly into the environment without being caught unawares wich is a must if you start using some Battlefield 3 Hacks.

In terms of graphics, we can truly say they were superb with many light effects and reflections.

As for fluidity, for the moment on this alpha release, we had the right to lags.

I do not know the configuration of the machines that we had but a priori it would be “beasts of races.” However, Battlefield 3 is still in development, I do not take this point (for now).

Again, having tested a “map” in an alpha version, I advance may be saying that Battlefield 3 on PC is a future hit for fans of FPS and it has all the ingredients for success. Personally I already preordered this game to be released October 27, 2011 …

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